Advantages of Go Pro HD Camera

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Go Pro HD make a range of small portable cameras that attach to your clothes, equipment or vehicle to provide a POV recording of the action. This of course has the advantage of allowing you to record the entirety of your performance. While with a normal camera you might take photos every now and then, when you’d stopped in between your activity, or when you’re lucky enough to be caught by someone else with a camera; with a Go Pro HD you get to have footage made of the entire event from start to finish. This way you get to record the entire event and not just the ‘posed’ moments. This is particularly important with sports and extreme activities as when you’re participating in these you never know when the truly exciting moments are going to happen.

At the same time a Go Pro HD also offers many other advantages however that you might not at first realise. For example, the fact that you have the camera attached to yourself or your equipment means that no one has to carry it. This means that no one will be left bored at the bottom of a climb or at the back of a tow boat taking photos of their friend while they get all the excitement. At the same time it means you won’t be dubiously pausing during paintball to take photos (a perfect time to get shot) or trying to drive your rally car with one hand while you shakily hold a camera.

This also of course means that a Go Pro HD is steadier than a normal camera and that you won’t get quite so much motion blur. This will also be helped by the camera’s ability to account for motion blur that you do experience. At the same time a Go Pro HD (as the name suggests) is also high quality for both sound and picture being high definition and the ability to cancel out unwanted noise. These cameras are designed to be used outdoors in stressful situations, and as such they are able to take photos that are high definition, crisp and will capture every droplet of water even in such environments.

A Go Pro HD is also specifically designed for rougher activities in other ways – notably in the fact that it won’t be damaged by impacts in the same way as a normal camera might. As they have protective casing, this means that they can take blows from walls, other vehicles, other sports men and women… and still come out unscathed. They will also feature water proofing, making them safe for water sports.

As if all those advantages weren’t enough, a Go Pro HD also has a long battery life and room for 32GB SD card meaning you can get tonnes of footage in one go that simply wouldn’t be possible with another device. And as such you can expect to get much more footage of your day and capture many more of the most exciting and impressive moments. And then of course there’s the fact that it’s just a neat gadget…

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