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Retractable Batons for Self Defense

Self defense Batons should take a prominent place in your self defense and nonlethal arsenal. These compact and versatile tools are very simple to operate(training is recommended due to the physical nature of their use)and effective in most non-firearm confrontations. Law enforcement and private security personnel as well as military police routinely strap on their collapsible batons on a daily basis.

Self Defense Batons can be used to defend yourself from attack and disable an opponent allowing you to escape and get help. Striking at the extremeties like arms and legs will cause enough pain to get them to stop the attack and may prevent them from pursuit. There are many techniques that, when practiced, can allow you to control and deactivate almost any aggressor.

To Know More About Solid Oak Furniture

From Bedroom to Study, Living and Dining Room The Oak Cellar offers Solid Oak Furniture to suit your every need that will be the pride of your home for years to come. We supply a range of quality Solid Oak Furniture for your home – all our oak furniture is made from 100% oak using sustainable resources. Handcrafted to last a lifetime, each drawer is created using dovetail joints and you will not find any cheap plastic parts or wood veneers, thus bringing quality affordable oak furniture to all. Investing in oak furniture is certainly worth it, especially if you know how to choose the right one and take good care of it. No other material brings that touch of magic to your home that oak furniture does and, with a little care and attention will last a lifetime. When buying oak furniture for your home, you are tapping into a tradition that goes back many centuries. Oak furniture was first made back in the 16th century and the amazing thing is that items of oak furniture made in those days are still around today – now as prized antique items. Carpenters in those days would have been amazed at today is oak furniture creations. Oak is also a highly versatile material. It comes in many colours and grains allowing considerable choice to match various interior designs. For example, you can get loose grains and tight grains, with a different appearance and mood. You have a choice of tones too, ranging from light to dark and creating warmer and cooler atmospheres as you desire. You can get oak as golden brown or a vibrant shade of auburn. Just one item of oak furniture brings warmth to a room. And if you don’t want the classic heaviness of regular oak furniture, you can opt for light oak furniture. The actual colour of oak furniture varies considerably from light golden shades to medium browns. You can get oak furniture in a wide range of popular finishes with such evocative names as golden oak, cinnamon, cognac and tobacco. In purchasing oak furniture, first, you should be able to distinguish whether the oak furniture that you will buy is made of solid wood or not. To save money, many manufacturers would use oak veneer instead of using real oak wood. Because oak veneer is only a thin sheet of oak, it is expectedly less durable compared to solid oak wood. Go for pieces with minimal imperfections, and a smooth and classy finish. And as for the price, you should take note that oak furniture made of oak would expectedly cost a lot more than pine furniture. But compared to other woods such as mahogany, oak furniture is much cheaper.