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Growing and sowing peas

Imagine picking your own homegrown pods of garden peas; then popping the pods and tipping the sweet little peas straight into your mouth. There probably isn’t a better tasting home grown vegetable than fresh peas straight from the pods. Even though you may end up eating them all before they ever reach the kitchen, garden peas are a great and very easy crop to grow. They also make good plants for children to try, so get them involved too.

February Garden Calendar

With spring in the air it’s an exciting time in the garden. In a matter of a few short weeks the gardening season will be in full swing. As the days draw out and start to get longer, it’s a signal for garden plants to emerge from their slumber. Wonderful signs of spring can be seen all around the garden. Early spring bulbs are starting to push through the cold dark soil and the buds on early trees and shrubs are starting to swell and burst. The garden is coming alive and its time for gardeners to get started. The more you get done now the better prepared you will be for the whole year.