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Recording Extreme Sports

Recording or taking pictures of any activity that involves a lot of movement and fast paced action is very difficult for multiple reasons. Firstly you’ve got the fact that you won’t have many hands free – rock climbing and wind surfing don’t tend to give you many free hands with which to do things. Then there’s the fact that you’ll be obviously moving a lot at high speeds, and this will mean that you get motion blur and other problems if you try to take the pictures yourself. Of course then there’s the chance that you’ll damage your camera if you’re participating in such extreme activities – by dropping it, bashing it against a wall, or submerging it under water. Understandably something like rally driving with its emphasis on high speed vehicles driving off road will involve a high chance of having a collision which could damage a camera. Meanwhile something like surfing holding a camera certainly isn’t going to be a good environment for a camera unless the camera is water proof as it will be likely to be submerged underwater (and again to be hit by the board or even lost if it gets washed away).

What to do With Your Footage

With a Go Pro HD camera you have the unique ability to film hours of footage of all your best moments, as well as your worst, from all of your extreme sporting activities as well as other activities such as hiking, team sports or paintball. This then of course means you have a lot of video footage to look through, and it would be a waste of a Go Pro HD camera if you didn’t do something with it. So what do you do with all that video once you’ve got it?

What to do With Your Photos

When you have a Go Pro HD camera you will be able to get a lot of action shots of you doing extreme sports and activities, or even just hobbies around great scenery. A Go Pro HD camera is a high definition camera hat attaches to you or your equipment and can then be set to intermittently take pictures. If that’s not enough for you, then you can also film video, and then save screen captures from those which will mean you have literally thousands of pictures to choose from. It’s a shame though to simply save these all in a big folder on your computer though, so what can you do with them to make sure that they get seen and that you make the most of them?

Advantages of Go Pro HD Camera

Go Pro HD make a range of small portable cameras that attach to your clothes, equipment or vehicle to provide a POV recording of the action. This of course has the advantage of allowing you to record the entirety of your performance. While with a normal camera you might take photos every now and then, when you’d stopped in between your activity, or when you’re lucky enough to be caught by someone else with a camera; with a Go Pro HD you get to have footage made of the entire event from start to finish. This way you get to record the entire event and not just the ‘posed’ moments. This is particularly important with sports and extreme activities as when you’re participating in these you never know when the truly exciting moments are going to happen.

Making a Video Making a Video

If you own a Go Pro HD camera then you will likely have an awful lot of footage from your sports and activities that you may not know what to do with. This means that a lot of the footage gets deleted and often never even gets watched first which is a great shame.