How Do Bots Impact On Your Site?

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First of all, if we start talking about bots and how they can influence your site we have to define the word itself. A “bot” is an internet program that is intended for scanning every page of your site, after analyzing its content categorizes it, and then includes it into a database.

If we take Google searching engine, as an example, then it makes sense to consider three well known Google bots being The AdSense bot, the Freshbot and the DeepCrawl.

What does AdSense do on your site?
This bot goes through your site and scan the content of your page as soon as it is loaded by someone or at least within fifteen minutes. As you can guess this robot is used by web designers that have AdSense code on the sites. If the page has enough relevant content then the subject area can be easily identified. After that the robot will offer you ads on the topic, for example if your site is about cars then the AdSense bot identifying the keywords will display relevant ads on the corresponding subject matter. Positioning of the ads is very important; they should be placed there where they are most likely to be seen.

You can do both “allow” or “disallow” the AdSense crawler into your site. But if you don’t want to allow the program to crawl into your pages the AdSense bot won’t be able to determine what ads to display.

Why do Freshbot visit your pages?
The Freshbot is another searching robot. It crawls into your site, identifies the most popular pages of it and indexes them and it doesn’t matter how many pages your site has. This searching robot is not a daily visitor to your site; it goes through your pages on the average once within two days, however the attendance can surge up if you site becomes popular (has many visitors) or is constantly updated. The extremely popular site that is updated every minute as for example can be even crawled every 5 or 10 minutes. The main task of the Freshbot is to scan the pages and collect all the links placing them into a database. Afterwards this database is given to another robot known as DeepCrawl that is going to scan all the given links.

What does DeepCrawl do?
In contrast to AdSense and Freshbot this kind of computer program does not indulge your sites with frequent attendance. It does it only once a month. This searching robot as it has been mentioned above starts scanning the links received from the Freshbot adding them to its index. As DeepCrawl visits sites not so often as it is wished it takes much time till the results of indexation are added to Google Sitemap. Unfortunately we can do nothing about the algorithm of this searching robot; in this case we can do nothing but wait.

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