Is It Safe Having A Monitor in Your Child’s Room

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Are baby monitors safe to use within your home? Have you ever thought about whether or not it is safe to have a baby monitor around your child?

Well, in this article I’d like to share with you some data about the safety of baby monitors.

Are Baby Monitors Safe – Infant Deaths

I’m positive you will be aware that recently there had been two reports of infant deaths because of strangulation by the cords of a baby monitor. Right after a little further study it was identified in both situations the baby monitors had been placed too close towards the baby’s crib. In 1 case it was on the crib rail and in the other is was placed on a changing table right next towards the crib. In each situations they had been inside the reach of the child.

To avoid further deaths like these, we advise you locate any baby monitors no less than 3 feet away from what your child has ability to access. Numerous of the cameras these days have an awesome range even with their night vision. Most can easily see very clearly from at the least Half a dozen feet away. Also, lots of of the cameras now a days even have a zoom function on them. This really is a terrific function as you will be able to locate the camera at a very safe distance from your child. So, are baby monitors safe? Well, these kind of incidents can be avoided by merely placing the monitor at a distance from your child.

Are Baby Monitors Safe – Unexpected Spectators

A different safety concern is that some older video monitors transmit their signals in an un-encrypted transmission. This made it achievable for other people in your neighborhood or folks driving by to tune into what your baby monitor was broadcasting. There was concern that burglars may potentially use this data to discover when it could be a great time to stop by houses when nobody was about. This really is because several parents simply leave the baby monitor on 24 hours a day, 7 days weekly.

The baby monitor market responded and now supply baby monitors with built in data encryption. This now prevents others from hearing in on or watching what exactly is going on within your household. Parents can now feel safe understanding nobody other than them are able to see their baby in their baby monitor.

So, to go back to our original question of are baby monitors safe or not; we have seen instances exactly where baby monitors have caused death, but as we learned they were however an error made by the parents.

We both know babies love to discover. If you will find wires around to pull on and play with, they are going to. Make sure to read the instructions for your baby monitor, get 1 with information encryption and place it no less than 6 feet away from your child and you will adore the assurance your baby monitor will offer you realizing you’ll be made aware right away when your baby needs you.

Are Baby Monitors Safe? Come check out our views to help you and your family select the perfect baby monitor. Also, checking out our website for more information on Baby Monitor Reviews that will make your decision process faster.

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