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If you own a Go Pro HD camera then you will likely have an awful lot of footage from your sports and activities that you may not know what to do with. This means that a lot of the footage gets deleted and often never even gets watched first which is a great shame.

The Go Pro HD camera captures many still images or a few hours’ worth of footage from your own perspective for you to use in any way you wish. However this can be fairly boring to sift through and most people will just find those great moments. For the ultimate impact then, and as a digestible way to show other people what you do, creating a video montage will allow you to pack in all your best moments and make yourself look as good as possible to as many people as possible as a result.

While you might have your bad days in your sport or activity, with a video montage no one has to know this and you can just show all your best feats in one long reel to ensure your audience just think you’re amazing. By laying some music over the top, you can make every impressive piece of performance seem all the more extreme, like something out of an action film.

This can then be posted onto Facebook, onto YouTube or anywhere else to show all of your friends (who you might normally have a hard time convincing to watch your stuff), or onto message boards for like minded people where you can get them to critique (and praise) you as a colleague.

To make one of these videos you will need several things. First of all, use your Go Pro HD camera and get some footage of your activity – the more the better and remember anything you don’t like won’t be used. Next you should cut this footage down to only your favourite moments to make it easier to sort through.

Then you will need a great song. As a rule these video montages/samplers shouldn’t last too much longer than three minutes (at a push) so you should pick a song around that tempo. Be careful as well when selecting the tempo. Obviously if your sport is rally driving or snowboarding then you’re going to want an exciting rhythm and probably driving guitars to match the adrenaline rush of the sport itself, but if you pick some music that’s too fast paced then it can be too fast for your footage which will make the content of the video itself look slow and/or boring as a result.

Thirdly you will need a good piece of video editing software. Once you’ve uploaded your footage from you Go Pro HD camera, it’s the video editing software you’ll use in order to cut your videos together and give them a flow. This is also where you will layer the music and any title or closing credits in order to make a complete video. Most computers come with Windows Movie Maker free which can handle all of these tasks.

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