Need a drain for your concrete? Trench drains may be the answer

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If you are looking for a concrete floor with trench drain capacity, look no further. With three generations of family pride in the installation of for any industrial or private application. Armed with the best in environmentally sound and technologically advanced systems, there is wide array of concrete and epoxy flooring, all of which exceed guidelines set forth by the EPA, USDA and FDA. Our stainless steel, food grade, bacteria free drains are ideal for meatpacking and other food or restaurant applications. For industrial applications, an iron drain setting would be best, as the iron can withstand the weight of heavy industrial traffic.

All of these flooring and trench drains save you time and money by creating the most ideal in working environments. They save money and time on maintenance, they improve employee safety and productivity by utilizing a bacteria free environment and provide you with a solid, long lasting floor. There is also the capacity to slope current floors and installing new drains or replacing old ones. Using our services is not only simple and cost effective; our timely and professional services are unsurpassed in the concrete flooring industry. We guarantee that our drains and floors will perform as they are supposed to and to be free from any defect. Our guarantee covers both the materials used as well as our labor. In addition, our guarantee covers all manufacturer warranties offered on their drains and other products.

Looking for a food manufacturing flooring expert? As a resinous flooring contractor, our services are guaranteed to meet and/or exceed the expectations of more than just the EPA, USDA and FDA. Our certified SQF 2000 suppliers receive their materials from their suppliers. Subsequently, these suppliers have adopted the SQF 1000 code, to ensure that all of these products are traceable from the point of origin to you. This code is for people who produce different types of food products, which allows them to meet food safety, quality and regulatory criterion. This also ensures that the foods that they offer meet the standards of safety and quality for each customer. This is important, because we offer this ability in our concrete and trench drain installations. All of our services are guaranteed to be SQF 2000 compliant, as we used only SQF 2000 certified distributors. With extensive education and pursuit of this education in these guidelines, you are sure to install only the highest quality and safest of flooring and trench drains.

Our mission is simple: to offer the best in concrete flooring applications, no matter what their industry. Our flooring is guaranteed to meet or exceed the functionality requirements of each application and to last for the long term. In addition, it is important to do all of this at a fair price and in the shortest amount of time. In the pursuit of education, concrete flooring advancement, design and more, our concrete floors are guaranteed to be the best. Come and check out our website to see what kind of flooring applications that is available.

For beautiful and functional concrete flooring, visit our concrete flooring site for more information. For a functional concrete floor with a proper drain system, our Trench Drains may be the solution.

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