Preparing for an Upgrade to an IP Megapixel Surveillance Camera

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There are few that can honestly disagree with the advantages that IP megapixel cameras bring to the table. Higher quality in the surveillance world translates to an increased ability to read license plates and faces, two of the most important details that most business owners need to record in the case of theft or other criminal activity. Another benefit of the IP megapixel camera system is that it allows you to use your current IP network to handle the complex technical connections. While the upfront cost of upgrading to an IP megapixel system may be a bit more expensive than their analog counterparts, the higher quality you get will more than make up for the upfront investment costs.

That said, if you’re looking to dive headfirst into IP megapixel technology, it’s always a good thing to see the best IP megapixel cameras available on the market. There’s three IP megapixel cameras that deserve a second look; these three cameras represent a modest balance between cost, features, and quality.

The first camera to look into is the Bosch NWC-0900. This is a day/night camera designed for superior performance regardless of the time of day. Unlike other cameras, this IP megapixel camera has two sensors to facilitate in providing high quality 24-hour surveillance. Since storage is one of the most precious resources within surveillance, it’s important to build a security network that can work within the boundaries of the storage available. The NWC-0900 does just that — you can adjust the settings to reduce the impact on storage and speed without hassle.

The second camera that deserves a second look is the Sony SNC-DM110 IP megapixel camera. What makes this camera worth a second look is the dome design — it’s more resistant to the elements, which means that it can used outside under awnings and other protected outdoor areas. A dome design in a security camera also has an added benefit of being very difficult for criminals to destroy in order to keep from being monitored and their faces possibly recorded.

The third and final camera that deserves a second look is the Samsung SNC-C7478C, which is actually an IP megapixel camera as well as being a PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) camera. The best aspect of this camera is the ability to move, tilt, and zoom in on areas of interest within a surveillance area. Motion detection is also supported, which means that a camera can move to follow the source of the movement. This type of camera would be excellent in an environment where surveillance is necessary, yet there is not a lot of activity. The motion detection would ensure that any sign of activity would get looked into before it would be able to be dismissed.

All things considered, these IP megapixel cameras definitely deserve a second look. However, the key to really making IP megapixel technology work well in your business will be to take the three cameras mentioned here and really look at the features they all have. The right camera for your needs will mostly have a mix of all the features presented here, but the information in this guide should be more than enough to get you started in the right direction.

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