Sanur Beach Villas be a Potential of Tourism in Bali.

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Beautiful beaches in Bali Island become great tourist attraction, very suitable to spend the school holidays in this beautiful island. Besides natural beauty that is so amazing, arts and traditional culture are characteristic of Bali island and still preserved by local people. Potential of tourism in Bali is very high, tourist visits to the Bali island is always increasing every year. Farmers, fishermen and artists are bali livelihoods of bali local residents, However, the livelihoods of local people are turning to the world of tourism, due to the rapid development of tourism bali. Characteristic such as temples and traditional Balinese “Subak” irrigation system will be retained as a leading tourist attraction, although many balinese people working in tourism sector, but there are still loyal to fishermen or farmers in rural areas.

Beautiful beaches interesting will make many traveller always holiday in bali, area near the beach is more developed along with the increasing number of traveller to bali. Famous beaches such as Kuta, Sanur and Dreamland always visited by the tourists during holiday season, their data for enjoying beauty of nature or just strolling around the beach. Sunset at Kuta beach is very popular to overseas, different from Sanur beach that has amazing sunrise views. Sanur area is located in the eastern city of Denpasar and has become one of the icons of tourism in bali, this area formerly known as a fishing village that rely on fish catches at sea. Sanur beach area is well laid out by local governments, many families choose sanur beach for recreation place on sunday.

Enjoying the waves accompanied by roasted corn that many hawkers sold, playing beach football with friends is a very enjoyable activity. Along the coast of Bali’s tourist attractions have now been equipped with tour support, such as hotels, villas, restaurants or small cafes and art shop, path provided by local government as a complementary tool that makes the tourists and local residents feel comfortable. Cycling increasingly in demand in Bali so that, local communities and tourists are very crowded cycling and playing on the beach with family. Sanur is famous as an elite tourist area visited by traveler from around the world, hotels and villas in Sanur is the best accommodation facilities in Bali. Happy holidays with the family to be very fun at sanur beach, every person who ever visited Sanur definitely want to come back here.

Private oasis in sanur beach that provides comfort while on vacation in bali, and get a memorable holiday experience during your stay in Bali. Villa Puri Nirwana Bali in Sanur beach offers an exclusive scenery combined with green tropical garden, a luxury villa located right on the beach front. Villa Puri Nirwana Bali is located in a quiet little fishing village, only takes several minutes to the best dive sites in bali with wide range of colorful fish. Luxury facilities combined with balinese traditional touches in the building of luxury Puri Nirwana Villas. Experience a holiday in Bali that is so impressive what you get if staying in this villa, a very pleasant life in heaven as you can enjoy here. Private pool and beautiful coastal scenery make the tourists who stay at Villa Puri Nirwana feel at home, and feel relaxed after visiting various tourism objects in Bali island.

Comfortable big beds offered in each room, equipped with full air conditioning and safety box, a comfortable place to rest and sleep in peace with calm atmosphere. Private bathroom with luxurious interiors offer an unforgettable experience during the clean, pouring water from a rain shower gives freshness after a weary full day trips. Western-style furniture is very visible when entering the living room villa, lounge chairs, day beds, a large bamboo bar with 4 bar stools, decorative lamps and bookshelves with lots of books, magazines, games and CDs. You can also catch some of the broadcast news and entertainment on a large flat screen TV, and hanging out with family while enjoying a snack typical Balinese. Security Villa is preferred high walls and a few security guards on alert for 24 hours, villa staff are trained to provide full maid without disturbing the privacy of each guest vacation. A beautiful holiday you will be able to enjoy with your family, and feel the paradise island that offers a variety of beauty that can not be found in other areas.

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