Why Pre-Employment Drug Testing Is Needed?

Employee productivity and healthy professional environment needs to be maintained at any organization to ensure sustained growth and profit. Pre-employment drug testing helps organization maintain integrity, discipline, professionalism etc at workplace by ensuring a drug free environment. Pre-employment drug testing has become important process in many organizations as it helps to prevent employees who abuse drugs from joining the organization. Thus, it helps save costs that are lost in employee health care and compensation given to drug abusing employees.

Pre-employment drug testing plays an important role to ensure safe and secure workplace environment.

Impact of Parental Drug Abuse on Children

Parental drug abuse can have severe implications on children’s life. Children of parents who abuse drugs are found to have various behavioral problems, social problems, emotional/mental problems, developmental issues etc. Such children are prone to get affected by problems like depression, poor academic performance, improper social behavior, delinquency etc. It is also found that children of drug addicted parents are more likely to take up drugs or alcohol in their later life. Parents who abuse drugs affect the children in number of ways.

Impact on Children’s:
The family life of drug abusing parents is characterized by unpredictability, aggressive behavior, lack of communication etc.

Advantages of 5 Panel And 10 Panel Drug Test

Addiction to drugs poses a severe threat to the well being of an individual as well as to the entire society. Various drug testing methods are effective in keeping a check on the drug abuse among students, youngsters, employees, and workers etc. The 5 panel and 10 panel drug testing is an effective method of as it can provide quick and reliable result. The 5 panel and 10 panel drug tests are suitable for onsite testing. The 5 panel and 10 panel drug test kits use urine or saliva samples in testing.

How Opioids are Classified

Opioids are narcotic painkiller drugs that work by blocking the transmission of pain signal to the brain. Opioids are prescribed by doctors due to their analgesic and pain relieving properties. But opioids have strong potential to cause addiction. When abused, it causes a sense of euphoria as it affects the part of brain which causes pleasure. Medications which fall under opioids are morphine, codeine etc. Opioids are broadly classified into four types: Natural, Semi-synthetic, fully synthetic, and endogenous.