How Do Bots Impact On Your Site?

First of all, if we start talking about bots and how they can influence your site we have to define the word itself. A “bot” is an internet program that is intended for scanning every page of your site, after analyzing its content categorizes it, and then includes it into a database.

If we take Google searching engine, as an example, then it makes sense to consider three well known Google bots being The AdSense bot, the Freshbot and the DeepCrawl.

How Should You Title Webpages?

When a new film appears and is going to be shown in cinemas one of the first weighty things that attracts us is the title. It is designed and is supposed to tell us much as it can about the genre that we can only look forward to seeing while watching it. The same things happen when you want to read an article, to be more precise you often want to follow through and read an article only when its title grabs your attention and you believe the article could be further enlightening delivering to you that which interests you or you are looking for. However, when applying this to a web page title this normal simplicity expands to be a bit more complicated.

The Reasons Why Search Engine Fail

It will sound a bit strange however a computer is a clever thing only if it is stuffed with clever software and when it is operated by a smart user. Otherwise it can turn into a useless scrap pile. The same thing can be said about the www which means that if we want something to achieve with the help of the Internet we have, as all the entire computer system works on digits, to use mathematical approach to cope with the task. The search engine cannot cherish kindly feelings for you or feel an antipathy it is just a complex algorithm that determines which page has the most relevant content. So, you have to remember if you don’t get the desired result you are seeking for that means that you do not do what you need to!