Getting A Visa For Retirees

For many retirees, being able to spend their last years in a good way is a must. And for those bent on immigration, Australia has become a popular destination in recent years. Indeed, there are many opportunities awaiting foreign retirees in the country.

And one of the best opportunities available for those finally leaving the corporate world is putting up a business in Australia. This can be done by applying for an Investor retirement visa, also known as the Subclass 405 visa. This visa allows you move in to Australia after retirement and set up a long term investment in the country. Note that this is different from a retirement visa in that the investor retirement visa allows the holder to work during his stay in the country.

Planning for Retirement

Are you retiring next year, within the next few years, a decade from now, or 30 years from now? Exactly when you plan on needing the money you have invested is a major factor of your investment strategy. A person who is 30, or more, years away from retirement is usually capable of accepting more risk in their investment strategy and therefore a higher potential gain in their investment portfolio may be realized than a person who is 5 years away from retirement and may be more concerned about the security of their investment portfolio.