Types Of Self Storage

The Self Storage industry has come a long way ever since it started in the seventies. When these facilities first started they used to consist of garage like structures often with leaky roofs. They used to be only fit for storing old belongings of little or no value.

However, today storing facilities consist of well-built and well-maintained buildings. These facilities offer clean and secure storing environment for all types of storing needs.

Storing Facilities For All Types Of Storing Needs

Relax, Your Precious Belongings Are Stored At Completely Safe Facilities

The term ‘self-storage’ is the short form of ‘self service storage’ and is popularly referred to as ‘mini warehouse’ or ‘mini storage’. Such facilities lease or hire out space to people to store their household goods. However, sometimes the facilities are also let out to small businesses. A small business or an individual, you will be referred to as a tenant, and the spaces where you can keep your materials will be known as lockers, rooms, or units. Of course once your belongings are kept inside, you get to keep the lock and key.

How Are Self-Storage Units Different From Warehouses?