Teaching English To Children – Tips For Esl Teachers

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Teaching English to children is considered more demanding than all the other forms of teaching, but it can be quite rewarding and enjoyable for you and the children if you put into practice a few important teaching tip.

Teaching English to children requires that you provide a comfortable setting and environment for safe learning to help make that important connection with the kids. Children are naturally eager to learn, unlike adults, and this eagerness is enhanced when they find their teacher friendly and interesting. Children are also very quick to capture what they hear and see, so you need to stick to English 99% of the time when speaking to them. Also, be very careful with the way you pronounce everything, because once they hear it they absorb it like a sponge!
When teaching English to children vocabulary is key. When you introduce new vocabulary, you need to let them see the new words as well as hear them. Writing out visuals and repetition are very important. Also, let the children be involved. Children enjoy speaking as they learn, and you therefore need to make it routine that the children read aloud in chorus. Incorporate creative teaching methods when teaching English to children.


Children enjoy the use of songs and games, and it usually has a lasting effect on them. Use simple and funny games to help them learn something. In addition, use music that the children can sing to remember the lesson.

When teaching English to children, you also need to be very sensitive to the different needs of the children. There are children who are naturally fast learners while there are those who are the complete opposite. Others learn faster when you use videos and tapes while others have no problem learning via the ordinary teacher-pupil context. Others get it better when music and animation is used. We all have different learning styles and preferences. However, ESL students are often a special group who not only have the hurdle of learning a second language, but there are many cases where they are the minority group an are also dealing with social and home-life challenges on a day-to-day basis.
As their English teacher, you need to accommodate all of these in one stride. Also, do not allow your class to play alone during break time; allow them to inter mingle with children of different ages and different levels of proficiency in English, because playtime is another learning opportunity for them.
If you’ve been considering a career in ESL Education and think that teaching English to children is a likely career choice for you then you can rest assured that this is a growing field where opportunity is endless. Job openings are never-ending, and this is one job that provides you with a chance to travel the world and teach children in any just about any country you want.

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