The Reasons Why Search Engine Fail

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It will sound a bit strange however a computer is a clever thing only if it is stuffed with clever software and when it is operated by a smart user. Otherwise it can turn into a useless scrap pile. The same thing can be said about the www which means that if we want something to achieve with the help of the Internet we have, as all the entire computer system works on digits, to use mathematical approach to cope with the task. The search engine cannot cherish kindly feelings for you or feel an antipathy it is just a complex algorithm that determines which page has the most relevant content. So, you have to remember if you don’t get the desired result you are seeking for that means that you do not do what you need to!

What does “word” mean?
Let us see how we can help you and prevent about the things you don’t have to do. The first and the last think to understand that any search engine is just a cold computer program that is intended to search for documents containing a particular word or words on the Internet. And here any word is regarded not as a linguistic part but a certain code. Therefore the success of your site will directly depend on how clever you are going to provide your web pages with necessary chain of Unicode.

Too many or too few
Using keywords in your content is compulsory otherwise a search engine will be blind to your site, it won’t have enough information about the subject of matter you are trying to hand down to the reader; however the overflow of keyword codes can attach your piece of writing to spam. The Golden mean is the use of one keyword or key phrase per 100 word content.

A keyword or key phrase
Many years ago when the Internet was a little brainchild typing a single word was enough to get the information that was then available in the net. Nowadays when you type a single word you get million results. And what do you do in this case? It is self evident that using a whole phrase is the way out. For instance, if you type “web marketing” you can have much more results then if you type “UK web marketing“. Nowadays visitor become more specific and consequently web promoters should take this into consideration and create specific and more relevant key phrases to boost their sites’ ranking. However too complex phrases are not popular and can lead your site to fail in search engines results. There is one more piquant suggestion to this. Do not ignore the fact that the majority of your potential consumers can write several words together or make some common mistakes while typing the name of the thing they are looking for. Not that it means they were poor achievers but better take it into account while creating keywords for your site.

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