Using Kerbside Caddies For Waste Management

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Try as one might, there is just no way to live without generating a certain amount of waste, and taking care of this in a prompt and simple fashion is a good way to keep both the house and neighborhood clean. There are many ways of taking out the trash, and one of the best is through the use of kerbside caddies. These bins can hold loose trash or entire bags of trash, and have many convenient features that take the hassle out of trash removable.

Some kerbside caddies are very large, at twenty-three litres, and can hold quite a lot of material. This saves time, as one will only have to wheel one bin out to be picked up each week, instead of two or three. Sometimes these are flat-bottomed, however and do not have wheels. These are ideal for situations in which one will not need to move the bin, but simply wants to put trash in it on a daily basis. These are less prone to falling over or breaking, cutting down both on unwanted messes and replacement costs. They often have locking lids so that animals cannot get into the trash, as some animals — take the raccoon, for example — will dig around and create a disaster in the yard or alley. These locking lids are enough to keep them out without proving hard for humans to open when trying to throw a bag of trash away in a hurry.

Other kerbside caddies do have wheels, and can be moved to wherever the pickup location happens to be each week. This is nice, as it means that one can store the trash in a place that is out of sight, moving it to the front only when necessary for pickup. These bins often have robust handles and tough construction so that they can survive being moved, even with the heaviest loads of trash, without being damaged. The handles are often on swivels, so that they can move and adjust to the height of the person moving the bin; this makes it easy for anyone to practice efficient waste management.

A third kind of bin is a short, squat little box that has no wheels or lid. These are ideal for recycling, as they have handles to pick up the bin and move it, and they take up little space. Recycling is often stored indoors, so there is no need for a lid or a handle. These bins have less room than the larger kerbside caddies, but are certainly big enough to hold a good deal of compacted recycling.

All kerbside caddies can help with waste management, and, should one get one and put it into use, the other people in the house and neighborhood will be very thankful. The bins are easy to use and tough enough to last for a long time. With kerbside caddies, practicing good waste management has never been easier

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