What to do With Your Footage

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With a Go Pro HD camera you have the unique ability to film hours of footage of all your best moments, as well as your worst, from all of your extreme sporting activities as well as other activities such as hiking, team sports or paintball. This then of course means you have a lot of video footage to look through, and it would be a waste of a Go Pro HD camera if you didn’t do something with it. So what do you do with all that video once you’ve got it?

Well first of all you should watch through all of your footage. While you’d think this would be the first thing someone with a Go Pro HD would do, many people don’t actually get around to it and it ends up getting lost in the archives. You’d be surprised if you watch all of your video back at just how many moments there were that you missed the first time around, and how many little details you notice. At the same time for most of us who aren’t working in the film or television industry, there’s a certain enjoyment to be had from watching yourself on screen.

If you don’t to go through all of your video footage alone, then this can also make a great group activity – particularly if there were many of you there. After a great game of paintball then, why not get everyone together with some beers and crisps and watch back everything you captured on your Go Pro HD camera – it’s likely to be good fun and entertaining.

At the same time, if you didn’t enjoy the event with friends, then you might not have anyone who was there to show the footage to. This however shouldn’t stop you from showing it around, and you’d be surprised at how interested your other family and friends are likely to be in seeing exactly what you get up to. If your sport is something exciting such a scrambling or windsurfing, then chances are anyone would be impressed to see the footage – even if it’s only for the views.

Watching through the footage caught on a Go Pro HD has other uses too. As mentioned, when you watch you are likely to find that there are many elements you missed while you were actually recording. Of course if you’re gliding or driving your mind is going to be focussed on steering and decreasing the speed of your descent. This is what makes it interesting and pleasant viewing for you to watch, but at the same time it also means that there’s a fair chance that you will be able to learn a lot about your own performance by watching the video which might help to make you better at your own sport. By watching yourself back you can then find faster lines you could have taken, things you didn’t notice and generally critique your performance to help you improve it when you get back in the game.

Then of course you simply save your favourite footage and delete the rest.

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