What to do With Your Photos

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When you have a Go Pro HD camera you will be able to get a lot of action shots of you doing extreme sports and activities, or even just hobbies around great scenery. A Go Pro HD camera is a high definition camera hat attaches to you or your equipment and can then be set to intermittently take pictures. If that’s not enough for you, then you can also film video, and then save screen captures from those which will mean you have literally thousands of pictures to choose from. It’s a shame though to simply save these all in a big folder on your computer though, so what can you do with them to make sure that they get seen and that you make the most of them?

First of all, you should consider changing your screen saver on your company to the slideshow screensaver. This way you can select a folder for your computer to look in and then get it to flick through the pictures in that folder as a screen saver so that they are always getting displayed to both you and anyone else that might be passing by when you’ve left your computer alone.

Similarly you can also make a slideshow of just your favourite pictures on your computer and then use the screen or a projector to show friends and family what it is you do. Another way to show your pictures as part of a slideshow is to use a digital photo frame, which will allow you to place the images on a memory card, and then flick through them one by one. This way if you have just too many great pictures from your Go Pro HD camera, you can use a digital photo frame to ensure they all get a chance to be seen and can keep adding to them as you go.

Of course a Go Pro HD camera is also great for profile pictures on your Facebook, Twitter or MySpace account. Facebook profile pictures have largely become about trying to capture your personality while showing an image that is as exciting and impressive as possible. With a Go Pro HD you’ll have plenty to choose from here and can change regularly between exciting pictures.

These pictures don’t only have to stay in the digital realm however and if you get them printed out onto some photo paper either yourself or by a professional company then there’s a lot more you can do with them too. Here you might decide to frame the best ones, or if you want to be more ambitious have it turned into a canvas and mounted. If you want to go artistic then you can make it into multiple squares and assemble it on your wall as a jigsaw or mosaic which is a popular or contemporary look. Simply having it blown up and placed on the wall in that way will also be a great way to fill some blank wall space in a completely unique and personal way. Thanks to the high definition of a Go Pro HD camera the pictures can be blown up to large proportions without losing quality.

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